What is zen deck?

zen deck is a new way to create simple yet beautiful presentations on any device.

What does it cost?

The mobile versions of zen deck are free to download and install – you can optionally purchase additional themes from within the app. The web version costs $69 per annum and comes pre-bundled with all themes.

Why does the world need zen deck?

PowerPoint is responsible for a large number of poor presentations – “blame the presenter, not the tool” arguments notwithstanding, PowerPoint makes it easy to create horrible presentations by providing a plethora of poorly thought-out options and affordances such as too much text and mind-numbing bullet points that encourage bad design and rambling stories.

We believe that the world is ready for a better presentation tool.

Why should I use zen deck?

zen deck brings a minimalist yet meaningful approach to your presentations allowing you to focus on your story and eliminating bad design choices by making it hard to create poor presentations.

When should I use zen deck?

Use zen deck to tell a story, pitch an idea, make a sale, give an update, empanel a partner, enliven a meeting, inspire a group, teach a lesson or ignite a movement.