How do I create a deck?

zen deck is the simplest presentation app ever! Open the app on any device. Enter a key point as a title in a slide – optionally add a supporting sub-point. Choose an image. We'll search for beautiful photos that are relevant to the words you typed. You can also use images you've already got online or on your iPad. Next, choose a layout to position your text on the slide. Repeat as needed. When you're done, you can choose from one of the themes to change the font and filter for your entire deck. When you're done, go back to the main menu and tap “share” to set your story free in email, on Facebook, or Twitter.

Is there a way for me to show my zen deck on a device other than the one on which I created it?

If you have purchased the web version, you can show your deck from anywhere – you can use the browser from any PC and you can download the apps for your tablet or phone. If you are not using the web version, you can publish your presentation to Slideshare or export it to PowerPoint or PDF.

Can I use my own pictures in a zen deck?

You can use your own images that are stored locally on your device/ system or can use our search tool to import a photo from Flickr.

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Where do zen deck images come from?

zen deck finds images from Flickr that photographers have licensed under the Creative Commons license.